About Demetria Buie

Demetria Buie
Author / Publisher / Mentor / International Transformation Speaker / Divorce Mentor & Relationship Coach

Demetria Buie is an Author, Publisher, Mentor, and an International Transformation Speaker. She’s a 34 year old Mother of one and the CEO/Founder of women’s empowerment magazine called “Empowering Women To Speak Out.” A media that was created to help women learn to love themselves and let go of yesterday’s pains.  Demetria grew up in a small town in Louisiana, at eighteen, She moved to Richmond, Virginia, seeking a chance to better her life. She was a junior high drop-out, but this never stopped her—she always kept pushing on. At 23, she earned her GED and began attending John Tyler Community College, studying acting. Buie is an international speaker who has demonstrated a unique approach of sharing her true life experience in a way that transforms women and individuals with lessons that can reignite individual’s mindset and potentials.

Being a two time divorcee and a single mom, Demetria has experienced a wide and harsh variety of hardships, having been at one time or another homeless, unforgiving, depressed, and suicidal. All along, she has had to cope with the realities of her extremely dysfunctional family. All of this was accomplished in the midst of hurt caused by fake family and friends, resulting in a forced move to a group home. It was these trying circumstances that fueled her passion to write her first book, an autobiography called “Refuse To Lose.”

The relentless pursuit of her God given purpose, dreams, despite the odds, has inspired others who crossed her path. Demetria believes that our past life journey does not dictate our destiny, we cannot change the events that have occurred in our past – in some instances, we may not have had much choice in them but we do have the power to create our future.  Demetria now works as a life coach, as well as teaching praise dancing to young girls. She was honored 2018 Female Entrepreneur of the year. She had her first 2018 Empowerment Brunch June 1st 2018. Demetria walked off her job in 2013 and started her publishing company in 2015 called DBPUBLICATIONS and have written 5 Anthologies with women around the world. She owns a Christian gift shop, and a ministry where she Host Conferences and Retreats to help women overcome their past Adversities and starting up a business. Buie’s fusion of real-life stories helps with her audience at an intimate, intense and individual level.

As an Author, she has 37 books under her belt and currently has a new project, a Christian novel titled “The Day I Said Hello I Should’ve Said Goodbye.” In addition, she has two newly released books, “We Pray & God Moves.” The Power of Reconnecting To God-Collection of Stories. Also, the book, “From Struggle To Success.” The true meaning of Success Collection of Stories. Demetria’s #1 desire is to open a Women’s Group Home of giving Women hope, and to know that God is A God of many changes. Demetria Buie will Win Millions Of souls through her Gifts. She’s committed to helping create a world of radiant human beings that are actively manifesting their dreams and gifts into reality though human culture, love and believe.