Refuse to Lose
Conference Slam 2021

Hosted By: Demetria Buie 

We’re Looking for Women who would love to attend an Boutique Conference for Women In Leadership, Business, & Ministry for 2021.. Intimate Event

Motivational Speakers
Catered food.
Professional photographer
Ministry Swag Boxes

Location: Poverty Point Louisiana

Date: February 13, 2021

Limited to 50 Women only

Price $99

Includes.. Catered Food Professional Pictures With DJ Ministry Swag Box Amazing Speakers & Workshop Water View Conference And More…

Who is this Summit for?
Survivors Of Life

Why Should You Attend?

In life, we all go through obstacles, but it is all about how we handle them. Come with me on this wonderful journey and life-changing experience. “Refuse to lose” will teach you how to not give up; but to love; care, and forgive yourself. The hurt, pain, abuse, rejection, molestation, and suicide you may have experienced CAN be overcome. You can be released from the hidden bondages that seek to destroy your self-esteem, your confidence, your freedom, and your ability to unconditionally love yourself, your family, and others. Forgiveness is the key to unlock the door to freedom from all of the negative things you have experienced in your past. The things we hold on to inside of us can never be healed. You have to release it. Refuse to give up. Refuse to accept failure. Refuse to be a victim. REFUSE TO LOSE…

What Will You Refuse ??

Demetria Buie is an International Speaker, Mother, Magazine Owner, Publisher, Author, Entrepreneur, & a Woman In Business & Ministry. Who helps other women overcome their past adversities. Demetria is ready to pour healing into Women like never before. She Reuse To Give up even when the toughest storms hit…

Conference 2021 Speaker

Christy Sanderson


Christy Sanderson is an Award Winning Author, Award Winning Entrepreneur of the year, and Public Speaker. She is from a small town in Mississippi, now she lives in Houston, Texas. She has a Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education, has a Master’s in Special Education and she is an Educator. She has authored seven other books, Woman of God Who Did God Create You To Be, From Nothing into the Woman of God: Spiritual Life, Woman of God Stop Looking for Love, God’s Kingdom: Spiritual & Wealth Motivation, From Nothing into the Woman of God part 2, Woman of God Journal: Gratitude and Woman of God Prayer Journal. Christy has been featured on the cover of UBAWA Magazine, and several radio interviews. She was once a Co-Host on the Digital Breeze radio show in Atlanta, Georgia. At the young age of 23, Christy fully committed herself to God, letting Him take total control of her life, and started her own ministry, Glory Nation. Her life purpose is to experience and share God’s Glory, to fulfill God’s promises, and to help others become closer to Jesus Christ to find their life purpose. You can find out more information at!

Speaking Topic:
Refuse To Lose: Suicide & Depression

Pastor Lisa Hawkins


Lisa Hawkins is a Pastor, Mentor, Advocate for Women, Office Coordinator, mother and grandmother. Lisa is a God-fearing woman of God, who loves the Lord with all her heart. Lisa was ordained and licensed as a pastor over 20 years ago and has continued to preach and teach the Word of God with power and demonstration. She is the daughter of Eunice Hawkins and a native of Mer. Rouge, La. She is currently the Founder and Pastor of New Life Global Church of Bastrop, La. Lisa is also the Chief Executive Officer of Lisa Hawkins Ministries which is a platform utilized to mentor and empower women who are called to minister the gospel. She is the former pastor of The True Vine BC in Oak Ridge, La and The Church that Makes A Difference of Bastrop, La.

Through Lisa Hawkins Ministries she has been afforded the opportunity to travel across the nation preaching, teaching, and proclaiming the Word of God. She has hosted numerous conferences, retreats, and Lisa also holds degrees in Business Administration and Business Technology. God has gifted her to move in the prophetic realm by the leading of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Lisa one desire is to see souls to saved, set free, and delivered.

Gwen Finley


Gwen, an ordained Elder, accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior at the age of 16 and was filled with the Holy Spirit. She has served in ministry in various capacities including Ministry Event Coordinator and Marketing Director, as well as Business Manager for a local community choir.  She is a prayer warrior and family nurturer.

Visionary:  Gwen if the founder and director of 4G Ministries, a women’s fellowship group.  She has been coordinating events for over 40 years expressing her passions and offering others a platform to share their gifts and talents. Some include mentoring in the areas of ministry and business, health and fellowship events, tea parties, conferences, and retreats.  In addition, Gwen has been instrumental in assisting small businesses and ministries in bringing their vision to life. Some of her clients have continued to call upon her for years.

Speaker/Facilitator:  Gwen is passionate about sharing the message of the hope of Jesus Christ to the world.  She desires to see God’s Girls prosper in ministry, business, singleness, marriage, and general life events.  She is a speaker to global, regional, and local women and men who are ready to move forward in the Kingdom, launch their vision and build their dreams.  She is a motivator and a navigator. Gwen has been guest speaker for various events and services and has served as facilitator for many women’s events, church and other events both local and internationally. She served as the retreat coordinator and facilitator for a ministry in Indianapolis for 3 years in a row. In 2019 she was given the opportunity to serve as a panel facilitator in Cancun, Mexico.

Talk Show Host:  In 2016 she launched her online radio show, MsG*s Ladies Lounge, which currently broadcasts weekly via FB Live and YouTube Live.  The show hosts business and ministry women and men, inspiring and uplifting listeners all over the web.

Author:  Gwen recently published a work entitled, “Let the Vision Speak.  An interactive read that will assist in guiding visionaries to realize their dreams and visions.  She is currently working on her next book.

Yolanda Gayden


Yolanda Gayden is currently employed at the University of Louisiana at Monroe Child Development Center where she faithfully serves as Lead Teacher. Over the past 8 years, Mrs. Gayden has been an exceptionally valued gift to the institution as well as to the families that these services are provided for. Mrs. Gayden has a yearning passion for providing excellent care of young children and she has a remarkable history of over 20 years in Early Childhood Development. Mrs. Gayden has completed the necessary course work to obtain the National Administrators Credential (NAC) through Northwestern State University. 

Mrs. Gayden is currently enrolled at Louisiana Delta Community College pursuing an Associate Degree in Care and Development of Young Children. Yolonda is also a Licensed Evangelist and serves faithfully as such. In 2018, Mrs. Gayden received her certification as a Life Coach from Life Bloom University. Mrs. Gayden also serves as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder of Yielding Completely to God (YCG) Ministries where she works throughout the community to empower and support women.


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Join Us February 13, 2021
“We Refuse To Lose”

If You book with the Mansion Or Cabin you will be able to walk to the Conference
Nearest Airport Or Bus Station. Monroe Louisiana Or Jackson Mississippi.

Nearest Train Station: Jackson Mississippi Or Meridian Mississippi

Location: 1500 Poverty Point Pkwy, Delhi, LA 71232

Time: 4pm-10pm

Dress Code: Cute&Comfy

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